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Solo Female Travel Hacks that you need to know.

Solo Female Travel Hacks from the experts, what to do, how to stay safe while travelling alone and how to enjoy without getting into any trouble, all this and more in this post!

Solo Female Travel Hacks that you need to know.
Solo Female Travel Hacks that you need to know.

Over the years, I’ve featured dozens of travel tips and destination guides for the solo female traveler, but I wanted to put together a comprehensive female travel resource for everyone. Whether you are a first-time solo traveler looking for that extra push to take their first trip or a seasoned solo traveler… Solo Female Travel Hacks

Hostelworld, the largest online hostel-booking platform, has seen a growth in female solo bookings of 45% between 2015 and 2017.

Solo Female Travel Hacks that you need to know.
Solo Female Travel Hacks that you need to know.

Some of the Tried and Tested Hacks:

1. Choose your destination wisely and plan accordingly-

Spend sometime in deciding the destination and plan accordingly. What is Fun in one country might be A Sin in another.

2. Take help of Apps for created for Women Safety-

There are plenty of apps on Google Play and App Store that are created keeping in mind women safety while travelling. Make use of such apps.

3. Do your research before you reach-

Planning is the key to a successful and safe trip. Read reviews, talk to people who have visited that place before,connect to locals, etc.

4. Ensure you don’t run out of battery on your phone-

I understand that one should not be dependent on technology always but let’s face it, our phone (most of the times!) makes things easier. Invest in a good power bank and ensure that you don’t run out of battery.

5. Inform someone about your itinerary/schedule-

Have at least one friend or family member who knows your itinerary in and out. Ensure that you inform him/her in case there is any last minute changes in your plan.

6. Write down important phone numbers-

Mobile phone has made our life so much easier but at the same time it has made us dumb! We no longer remember important contact numbers! Ensure that you write down all such important numbers somewhere.

7. Carry important medicines and your first aid-

As they say, hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Carry basic medicines and your first aid kit with you.

8. Keep a scan copy of all the important documents on a cloud storage-

Always carry a clear scan copy of all your documents, including your tickets, visas, etc. on a cloud storage that you can access from any PC.

9. Keep an eye on your drink (ALL your drinks- not just the alcoholic ones)-

It’s fun to make new friends and share a drink or two but keep an eye on what you are drinking. Adulterating soft drink/juice with drugs is very easy, don’t fall a prey to such things.

10. Be adventurous but be prepared-

Being cautious doesn’t mean that you miss out on all the fun, it means you always ensure that you are better prepared to face any unwelcoming situation. Prepare yourself for such situations so you are not left clueless.

11. Don’t neglect your gut feeling-

if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Trust your gut feeling, avoid places or people you feel are not safe. Remember, better be safe that sorry.

12. Trust but verify-

I would want to emphasize on this again, just because you are being cautious doesn’t mean that you stop interacting with people or stop having fun. Trust people but always do your own research, avoid trusting people blindly.

Got any Solo Female Travel Hacks? Let me know in the comments below!  

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