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Cocohabit- Goodness of real coconuts in a bottle.

Guess who is switching to coconut water from soft drink this summer!

I’m going (coco) nuts over this one! 100% raw, natural, unprocessed and free from any preservatives- Which means Pure coconut water and Nothing else!

About Cocohabit-

“Born in the UAE and was the official suppliers at the Standard Chartered Marathon 2018, Coco Habit is a new range of products made with the extraordinary all-natural tender coconut water. The coconuts are naturally grown and harvested from the Southern part of India (Kerala), the country itself is famous as the land of Coconuts. Coco Habit offers a healthy approach by incorporating coconut water into your daily routine, to ensure it benefits your diet, skin, daily regime and all the health factors that look after the goodness of your health. Coconut has now earned its title as a super-food, offering numerous benefits for inner and outer health.”

Review for Cocohabit

So impressed to know about the initiative of providing one meal per person per product by Cocohabit. Every time you buy their product you are not just doing good to your health, you are also supporting a social cause and feeding someone in need.  

Cocohabit Coconut water

Thank you Cocohabit, for introducing me to this amazing product and the super-amazing basket of goodness !

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