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Review for I’m sorry for my skin sheet

Finally I tried the hyped-sheet mask but did it live upto its expectations? Read it here!

I am sorry for my skin sheet review
I am sorry for my skin sheet review

How do you say Sorry to your skin when you are found guilty of doing something that you know isn’t good for it!

For me it happens on weekends when I transform myself into either a bookworm or a coffee addict or end up eat the filthiest junk!

So did this sheet actually say Sorry to my skin?

Read on!

After a while I am reviewing a non-organic product!



Products tried- 

Jelly Mask Brightening

Plus point- 

Easy to use, Good hydration for skin

Minus Point-

Not effective, hardly had any effect at all on the skin.

My review for I’m sorry for my skin sheet-

Even though I am not a fan of facial sheets but I bought it because I loved the name (we will talk about my impulsive shopping someday!)

Contains interesting ingredients like Cucumber extract, Evening Primrose Root extract, Agave stem extract

My Personal Experience-

Not organic or natural so I didn’t actual get that Feel Good factor while using it. There was no brightening but yes skin felt very hydrated. Useful in case you are travelling or don’t have time for skin care regime.

Final Verdict-

Missing the Wow-factor, didn’t do much for the skin. I will give it 3 out of 5. 

Do you like facial sheets, which one do you recommend?

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  1. Liala says:

    Oh my, you saved me some bucks, I actually wanted to buy these! hhahhaha

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