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Did someone say Mermaid Pedicure?

If you are looking for an ultimate relaxing pedicure that makes you feel like a Mermaid then this is for you!

Mermaid pedicure at Kozma and Kozma
Mermaid pedicure at Kozma and Kozma

Mermaid Pedicure? Here, Take my money! Yes, that was my reaction when I heard about this unique Pedicure. Forget the normal boring manicure/pedicure session at your salon. This unique Mermaid pedicure will keep you giggling like a kid!

Take a break from “adulting,” and release your inner child. Inspired by favourite fairy tales, retro toys, and nostalgic childhood memories. Well, atleast my secret childhood wish of being a Mermaid was fulfilled when I visited Kozma and Kozma for the Mermaid manicure and pedicure.

Kozma and Kozma Salon
Commendable hospitality at Kozma and Kozma

A unique experience you will never forget- a celebration of whimsical fun! The entire process is not only a lot of fun but is extremely good for your feet. The process begins by soaking your feet in mermaid water filled with caviar and clam shell pearls with marine salts specially formulated to promote moisture- the look and feel of this soak is sure to surprise and delight you!

Mermaid pedicure at kozma and kozma
Childhood dream come true!

Relax on your throne as queen of the sea, as your therapist massages your feet with a hydrating rich lotion, and then dips them into a warm wax bath to create a soothing layered wax sock.  Your feet are then wrapped in cotton, and place them into a warm and cozy mermaid tail blanket- which magically transforms you into a gorgeous mermaid (selfie time!).

This process is very hydrating- our paraffin wax contains energising and stimulating powers provided by ginger and thyme essential oils, as well as tea tree oil. This process ensure that the skin doesn’t lose the natural hydration and your skin remains soft.

A 5/5 star from my side! Thank you so much team Kozma and Kozma, I am definitely coming back again! Know more about this unique salon here!

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